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About Utter Fluency

The Resources

  • These resources are so much more than your average textbook. This is a fully resourced programme, ready to pick up and run with! 
  • An extensive collection of Quizlet lists, Kahoots, and suggested videos comes with each unit.
  • There is even a fully detailed unit plan for each unit to save you time on writing unit plans.
  • These resources are perfect for schools offering BYOD. The units come in the form of colourful PDFs which are compatible with any device and easy to annotate.
  • The units follow a communicative style which integrates reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Tasks are used to foster authentic communication and interaction between students.
  • An international version is now available.

More detail...

With the increase of devices used for education in New Zealand and around the world, there is a demand for digital resources. These digital textbooks and supporting resources provide a comprehensive, ready-planned program for teaching Mandarin Chinese. Everything you need is there and ready to go.

The series starts at a beginner level and follows a cartoon character called Wiremu. He is a New Zealand high school student of Maori descent who has just started an exchange to a school in Beijing. Your students learn along with Wiremu as he settles in and builds his communicative Chinese skills and cultural knowledge.

The resources have been designed to cover all four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) in a way that is as engaging as possible for students. There is also extension material for students who finish faster than others. 

Each unit comes with a teacher's version which contains all the answers. These resources are suitable for teachers who are non-native Chinese speakers.
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The Creator

My name is Andrea Edwards (泠玉珊) and I am a lover of languages. I majored in Chinese and German at the University of Auckland and received a scholarship to study at university in Kunming, China for six months.

I taught Chinese at high school level for five years.
When my school adopted BYOD, I combined my previous graphic design experience with my language and pedagogical skills to create these digital textbooks. I used these resources in my own classroom for four years, constantly reviewing and improving them to make sure that they really did work. As a non-native speaker of Chinese (as well as German and Spanish) I have developed strategies to successfully master the language. I have incorporated these strategies into the books so that students can benefit from them.

In 2017 I participated in the year-long TPLT (Transforming Practice in Language Teaching) course provided by New Zealand's Ministry of Education to deepen my understanding of language pedagogy. I have employed the knowledge I gained to further enhance the effectiveness of these resources. 

My philosophy in sharing these resources is to save teachers time and effort so that they can have a better work-life balance and have more time to spend on the students in front of them.

Having taken medical retirement from teaching after being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, I now spend more time developing resources and doing a little private tutoring in Chinese and German. In 2018 I received a scholarship to study in Munich, Germany for two months and am now also writing German resources. I welcome requests and ideas for the development of future resources.