Utter Fluency

Digital resources for making learning languages fun.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why are you selling to schools?
    By selling directly to schools I aim to make it easy for teachers to get all of their students onto to the resources as quickly as possible. This is also much more economical than each student being charged $30+ as with other resources. It is possible for you to pass the cost to your students on their stationery list. This means that you can resource a whole course with minimal cost to your students and your school.

  • Can you send me some samples to look at?
    Unfortunately, I cannot send the units as samples. Because these are digital resources, once I have sent them I cannot take them back. On the sample pages page of this website you can see sample pages from each unit which show what the resources look like. Also, the resources page gives an outline of what is covered in each unit.

  • How do the PDFs work?
    PDFs are compatible with any device. You can send a copy of the PDF to each student (Google Classroom is good for doing this). Students can then save it to their Google Drive and open it with a Google Drive app called Kami which allows them to annotate the PDF.

  • How do I get access to the extra resources like Kahoot, Quizlet lists etc.?
    The links and information for these are kept in a Google Drive folder. You will be given access to the folder when your order is complete.

  • What year group are these resources aimed at?
    I wrote these resources for use with my Year 9 and 10 students (aged 13-15). However, I have deliberately designed the resources to be flexible and they could also be used with intermediate and higher level students. In the future I am planning to write another set of resources aimed at primary level which follows Wiremu's younger sister Ana.

  • What if I have a course that is repeated in the second semester or each term? Can I pay once and use the resources with multiple classes?
    You can pay once for the year, but the price is based on the total number of students that will be using that unit over the year. If you will have four classes of 20 students over the year, then that is a total of 80 students who will use the resource. You then fall into the 50-100 students price bracket.

  • How long will it take to get the resources?
    When you tell me which units you want to order and how many students will be using them I will send you an invoice (usually on the same day). I will also send a contract for you or a representative of your school to sign (this contract protects my intellectual property and basically means that you agree not to share the resources with people outside your school). I can only release the resources to you once I have received the payment and the contract. This often takes about a week, but you can speed the process up by getting them to me faster. It is not a good idea to put an order in two days before you plan to start using the books!