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Unit 1: First Steps in Chinese

Curriculum Level: 1-2

In the first topic the students will meet the main Character, Wiremu, and start learning the basics of Chinese.

Concepts covered include:

• Reading and writing pinyin

• Typing in characters

• Identifying and producing the four tones

• Classroom phrases

• Greetings and introductions

• Chinese New Year story and traditions

• Numbers 0-100

• Talking about someone's age

• Talking about birthdays

• Chinese birthday traditions

• Identifying and listing family members

• Basic character components

• Stating where you live and your nationality
• Writing and recognising the characters: 一,二,三,四,五,六,七,八,九,十,百,岁,月,几,号,爸,妈,哥,姐,弟,妹,口,人,国,住

Unit 2: Animals and the Chinese Zodiac

Curriculum Level: 1-2
Wiremu learns about the Chinese zodiac and starts discussing his pets back home in New Zealand with his new-found friends.

Concepts covered include:
• Rules for tone placement in pinyin
• Names of zodiac animals & common pets
• The Chinese Zodiac story
• Traditions & beliefs around zodiac animals
• Using correct measure words for animals
• Counting animals - the use of 两
• Information about giant pandas
• Yes/No questions - Verb不Verb or 吗
• Adjectives & colours to describe pets
• 他 / 她 / 它
• Listing and describing pets
• Writing and recognising the characters: 牛,羊,鸡,猪,马,鱼,只,匹,两,可,爱,他,她,它,白,红

Unit 3: What is Your Occupation?

Curriculum Level: 3-4

Wiremu learns to describe his family members' jobs and gets curious about what his host family and classmates' families do.

Concepts covered include:

• Revision of numbers and family members
• A Chinese tongue twister
• More Chinese pronouns

• Character radicals and their meanings

• Talking about people's occupations and where they work

• History and details of the Terracotta Army

• Stating what occupations one wants (or does not want) to do
• Presentation project for students to introduce and give details on their family
• Yes/No questions
• Writing and recognising the characters:

Unit 4: My Spare Time

Curriculum Level: 3-4
Wiremu has sports try outs at school and learns how to talk about what hobbies he likes so that he can go out with Měilì.

Concepts covered include:

• Names of common sports and hobbies
• Popular sports and hobbies in China
• Traditional Chinese sports
• Researching a Chinese sports person
• Beijing Olympics sporting venues
• 打/踢
• Talking about what sports people play
• 会/不会
• Correct pronunciation of 不
• Talking about likes and dislikes
• 有一点儿,挺,很,非常,最
• Days of the week and times of day
• Telling the time
• Discussing people's schedules
• Writing and recognising the characters: 板,足,网,球,题,打,不,会,喜,欢,上,画,看,书,挺,很,最,早,午,中,下,点,分,半,几

Unit 5: Describing People and Feelings

Curriculum Level: 3-4
Wiremu's friends help him to deal with the sudden death of his grandfather by listening to his descriptions of him.

Concepts covered include:
• Revision of colours
• Parts of the face and body
• Classifiers for body parts
• Adjectives to describe body parts
• Describing people in detail
• Colours in Chinese opera masks
• 有 / 没有
• Researching funeral traditions in Chinese and Maori culture
• Tomb Sweeping Day
• Comparing things using 比, 一样 and 都
• Saying how you feel and why
• Expressing thanks and dealing with compliments with cultural sensitivity
• Writing and recognising the characters:

Unit 6: Shopping
for Food

Curriculum Level: 3-4
Wiremu learns how to shop for fruit, vegetables and other food in China. He also learns how to haggle.

Concepts covered include:
• Names of fruit and vegetables
• Revision of likes and dislikes
• A range of conjunctions
• Making compound sentences
• Weights and measures
• Expressing what one wants to buy
• Fruits of Asia and the Pacific
• Revision of 有一点儿,挺,很,非常,最
• 还是 / 或者
• Street food and Wangfujing Food Market
• Names of other food items
• Money and expressing prices
• Haggling / bargaining
• Food schedules
• Writing and recognising the characters:市,水,果,西,公斤,克,升,要,买,但,是,菜,请,问,没,吗,只,也,饭,面,包,奶,肉,多,少,钱,元,块,分,共,卖,太,便,宜,贵,晚

Unit 7: Eating Out

Curriculum Level: 3-4
Wiremu's best friend comes to visit Beijing. Wiremu shows her around and tries to smooth the way with Měilì.

Concepts covered include:

• Taking taxis in China
• Etiquette around gift giving
• Coming from A to B
• Revision of describing people and giving details about them
• Phrases for talking on the phone and making phone calls
•  Using today, yesterday, tomorrow etc. to indicate when things happen & make plans
• Researching the Forbidden City
• Making a restaurant reservation
• Objects in the restaurant
• Table manners and dining etiquette
• Chinese dishes and regional cuisine
• Using 过 to indicate things that one has (not) done before
• Drinks, 瓶 / 杯
• Ordering in a restaurant
• Describing how things taste
• Western food
• Designing a menu
• Writing and recognising the characters: 飞, 机, 场, 车, 新, 西, 兰, 从, 来, 到, 北, 京, 打, 电, 话, 今, 昨, 明, 天, 空, 忙, 客, 人, 吃, 喝, 过, 瓶, 杯, 酒, 茶, 和, 饿, 死, 炒, 觉, 得, 没, 女, 男, 朋, 友, 再, 见
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